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At checkout, use discount code: take5

Monkey Guru - California Indoor Commercial Cannabis Farm

           Monkey Guru is a boutique bud farm cultivating a wide variety of the worlds most famous strains including Indica, Sativa & Hybrids. This farms uses the latest technologies for indoor cannabis cultivation including the new Optic LED Touchscreen Controller so his crops get a simulated sunrise and sunset as well as heavy doses of Ultra Violet for the big resin production and potency from recreating mother nature to the fullest extent.
           Next Generation farms in California require the most green of lighting choices and pending laws are requiring cannabis farms to upgrade to LED Grow Lights for indoor cultivation by 2023 but Monkey Guru is ahead of the curve investing in some of the most efficient LED Grow Light Fixtures available on the market today. Optic 8+ NextGen is 550 watt Dimmable LED Grow Light that replaces a 1150 watt Double ended HPS Light. Optic 8+ only requires 1/3 of the air conditioning requirements of a 1150w HPS Light and Monkey Guru takes pride in having one of the most green and sustainable indoor cultivation's in California producing high quality medical grade cannabis. 
            3 Way dimmability gives the farm precision control on their Spectrum and Intensity. The Automated Sunrise & Sunset feature thats built into their touchscreen is 1 of the ultimate latest features in LED Grow Light technology. Recreating the sunrise and sunset from the sun with higher levels of the 660nm deep reds has been scientifically proven to put the plants to sleep faster at night and wake them up easier in the morning. The big breakthrough is the reduced energy needs from the lights being dimmed down which also means less air conditioning requirements. Yields are fully sustained and sometimes have been even better due to less stress on this highly evolved plant we all know as Cannabis. 

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Summer 2020 Update.
We have a trip Planned to Monkey Guru to record a video at their farm in Late September or early October so you can check back then for the video.