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Hicksford Farms - Oklahoma Commercial Grow Facility

Hicksford Farms 

           Hicksford Farms located in Durant Oklahoma is a licensed commercial producer for Medical Cannabis. They specialize in producing highly potent, boutique quality medical cannabis for the patients of Oklahoma. They utilize the latest in COB LED Technology paired with proven cultivation methods that they have learned through their teams decades of experience. Hicksford Farms has their own medical cannabis dispensary called CannaMed which you can always count on them having Hicksford Farm Buds in stock at all times. You can also try their concentrates which goes by the name "Good Oil Boys".  

            We will continue to regularly document this cultivation month by month so you can always come back and see whats new at Hicksford Farms and on Instagram you can follow 

@OpticLEDGrowLights or @HicksFordFarmsOK 


August 2020 Vertical Farming VEG Room and Flower Room#B 48 Lights




Optic 8+ Flower Rooms ( June 2020)

 Optic 8+ Flower Room ( Feb 2020)



Optic 8+ Veg Room (August 2019) 

 Optic 8+ Harvest after the buds dried with Master Grower Jory Hicks

 Optic 8+ Harvest in the drying room. Quality Medical Cannabis. (July 2019)

Optic 8+ Flower room 50% Harvested (July 2019)

Hicksford Farms Optic 8+ Room 3 weeks before harvest



Optic 8+ Grow Room - 50 units of Optic 8+ (March 2019)

Optic 8+ Grow Room - 50 units of Optic 8+ (February 2019)




Optic 8+ Big Yields of Amazing Quality (March 2019)

 Amazing Bud Quality  (March 2019)

 Harvesting from their high yielding Optic8 Flower Room. (March 2019)

 (March 2019)


VEG Room - Optic 2 VEG, Optic 1 VEG (March 2019)