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Optic 1 COB's (CREE CXB-3590 & Meanwell Drivers)

All Optic 1's come with Industry best fanless meanwell drivers that are engineered to provide highly efficient power directly to the COB and last for many years. Utilizing CREE's USA Made CXB-3590 Optic 1 Delivers an enormous amount of plant food in the right spectrums to give you food than your canopy will be able to easily absorb no matter what your growing. Popular with many of our growers the 100% daylight white color that it illuminates your room in sure makes growing enjoyable along the way. What can Optic 1 do for you?

new! Optic 1 XL 100w (3500k COB) full cycle/ bloom

Optic 1 54w (3500k COB) full cycle/ bloom

Optic 1 VEG 54w (5000k COB) Veg