Medical Cannabis Cultivation in Oklahoma

         Oklahoma is a great place to start up a commercial grow right now considering they have the best cannabis related laws in the USA. They are 1 of the few states where you can get licensed for producing, processing and dispensing medical cannabis. They are still accepting applications after already approving over 2600 licensees at the cost of $2500 per license which could increase at any time or even be capped. If your wanting to get in the Oklahoma Green Gold Rush 2019 is the year to do it as still over half of the 2600 approved operations are sidelined due to lack of inventory of grow facilities or having to wait for the construction process. 


           Optic LED brings you to front line of the Green Gold Rush to give you a behind the scenes look at some of our Optic LED producers in Oklahoma. We are featuring Giggle Bush Farms which is a boutique type cultivar who's specializing in top shelf quality flower which is in high demand in all states across the USA. Contact Optic LED directly for Commercial Quantity pricing and lighting plans to maximize production in your space.


Giggle Bush Farms

Commercial Grow Lights: Optic 4XL

Quantity of Lights: 16


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